Collecting COVID-19 Project – April 9, 2020

FREE Culture and Recreation Admission For Wildfire Evacuees: In response to the ongoing wildfires, the City of Fort Saskatchewan is offering complimentary admission to The Fort Heritage Precinct, Dow Centennial Centre, and Harbour Pool to all BC & NWT evacuees. Simply present your ID at reception!

The Fort Heritage Precinct would like to invite Fort Saskatchewan residents of all ages to document their experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic in written form. During these unprecedented times, it is important to document events around the world and our country on a local and individual level.

Personal correspondence (e.g., letters from WWII) can provide future historians and residents with a greater understanding of how the COVID-19 Pandemic affected people in our community. Public health measures such as physical distancing, quarantining, working from home, school and business closures, event cancellations, and the immediate and long-range impact on the economy has upended how we understand our world and how we interact with it. Letters, diaries, email correspondence, and Twitter threads, or however you may wish to document your experiences, will be of immense benefit to documenting the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s history.

History is happening; write it down.

Any letters, journals, copies of digital correspondence, social media posts, etc., donated to the Fort Heritage Precinct that document the current pandemic will be accessioned and cataloged into our permanent collection for future research and exhibits following the Privacy Act of Canada regulations.

We will issue a call for donations of written documents at a later date when it will be safe to collect paper donations. Digital donations (emails, social media posts, etc.) may be accepted at any time by contacting the curator.

In addition to archival documents, we will also be accepting photographs, art, poetry, or any local material culture related to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If you have any questions regarding our call for “COVID-19 Letters to the Archives,” please contact the Fort Heritage Precinct Curator, Kyle Bjornson: [email protected].

"The tour of the Precinct was really interesting and very engaging for the children. There were so many hands on activities for them to participate in that they were always engaged. I love that they are allowed to touch and explore many of the items around the precinct. That makes such a difference to keep them engaged, on task and motivated. The learning connections between what we talked about in school and what we saw were evident in the conversations between the kids and the interpreters."